Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Adult Resources!

Are you looking for some fun ways to get involved in the Community? 
check out the Gay and Lesbian Community Center 

Monthly Potluck

community Gathering Movie Night
Womens gathering
Mens gathering
Board game night
Nexus- program for 50+
Monthly OUTrageous Bingo

For more information about these programs, contact the GLCC or check out our calendar at www.glccpgh.org

210 Grant St. 

Pittsburgh PA 15230

More to be added! Stay tuned!

Additional Online Resources

Additional Online Resources

Updated International Standard of Care! 

 "Hormones: A Guide for FTMs," 

Check back for updates!

Name Change Resources

"The Name Change Project" from 'Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund' now in Pittsburgh! 

The Name Change Project is coming to Pittsburgh in August!  Applications for those interested in getting a Name Change for Free Legal Council are now available! 

For more information, contact 
Christina Litas

Transgender Legal Defense 
& Education Fund, Inc.

151 West 19th Street
Suite 1103
New York, New York 10011
t: 646.862.9396
f: 914.920.4057

e: clitas@transgenderlegal.org
w: transgenderlegal.org

Garden of Peace Project Name Change Fund
The Garden of Peace Project supports a name change fund for individuals in the community whom cannot afford to pay for a name change on their own. We acknowledge the joblessness, homelessness, and high-risk behaviors in the community due to an inability to present documentation that matches one's physical presentation. We will fund the petition for name change, newspaper advertisements, and fingerprints required to file the petition with the court. We will assist the applicant with paperwork. And, if the applicant would like a buddy to accompany them to court, we will connect the applicant to a court buddy.

For more information, please click : http://www.gardenofpeaceproject.org/name-change-fund.html


Changes to the Name Change Guide 

For a fingerprint card: 
- Get it for free at a PA State Troopers location: See list of PA State Troopers Locations that take fingerprints (they not related to the Patriot Act). 
- Make sure the fingerprint card says "Name Change" on the card; the Officer should know to put it on the card.
To file for a name change:
- Go to the City County Building (not the Court House): 
414 Grant St
Pittsburgh, PA  15219
- Go to the Civil Family Division Court Records, which is on the 1st floor when you enter the building.
- It currently costs $131 to file for a name change; only cash or money order is accepted. Once you submit all your paperwork you will receive a receipt with your case number listed.
- They say get a letter in 2 weeks, but realistically it may take over a month to get a letter back. 
- Return to the City County Building, Civil/Family Division Court Records to get your file, and to see with what judge and where to schedule your court hearing. The judge and location will be listed that day on the black board in the office
- After you go up to schedule your hearing, you need to do the advertisement, and judgement search.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mental Health

Persad Center
5150 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Debra Flint
New Castle Area
LGBTQIA-friendly therapist.
Contact via: 
6324 Marchland Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: 412-661-1239 (Toll Free: 1-877-661-9623)

Ann Schelbe
Trans-Friendly Therapist
700 South Trenton Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

James Manzella
Trans-Friendly Therapist
2250 Mart St., Suite 307
Pittsburgh PA, 15203

Andi Pilecki
Trans-Friendly Therapist
Nuin Center
5655 Bryant St., Suite 106
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Judith DiPerna
Pittsburgh, Pa
Gender Issues ( TS/TV. TG for individuals or families); gender related stress- depression,anxiety; Low self-esteem/Self worth; childhood traumas; Panic attacks; suicide ideation;  Transsexual Evaluation; Individual Therapy; Marraige/couple counseling; Group therepy-alternate lifestyles; 

Online Support Groups

While Pittsburgh has a number of in-person resources to help Transgendered individuals, their parents, friends and partners, we at TransPride Pittsburgh understand that sometimes it's hard to take the first step to finding your local community. It may be because your schedule is just too full, or it may be because it's a bit intimidating to meet new people face to face.

While the internet can also sometimes be a scary place, there are a number of fantastic online support groups to help you find a community of support. Online support groups can also give you the freedom to ask the questions you may be uncomfortable to ask some one face to face, no matter what the topic. We hope that the online support groups listed here can offer you all (Trans, parent, ally and partner) a place to be yourself, find the support you need on your personal journey, and offer you a place to ask the questions you need answered.

Please feel free to add any online support groups you have found onto the comment section below. Or, if you are already a member of one of these online communities, we hope you will share what keeps you active, what's helped you with your journey, and perhaps welcome others to join you on your preferred site. 

Online Support groups:

Laura's Playground
Laura's Playground offers a number of online support groups, including a Teen support group, a parent/partners/friend support group as well as a variety of specific communities for FTM and MTF individuals.

Lynn's Place Forum
Lynn's Place Forum offers a variety of topic groups, from Parenting Transgendered Individuals to finding jobs and transitioning in the workplace.  

TransFamily Discussion Lists
The TransFamily Discussion Lists are email based discussion communities. They offer Youth, Family, and Partner lists. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Medical Resources


Dr. Martin Seltman
Metro Family Practice
901B West St
Wilkinsburgh, PA 15221
The Metro Family Practice offers Primary Care and medical support for FTM and MTF(hormones, physicals, etc.) 

Steven Wolfe, DO MPH
Forbes Family Medicine
2570 Haymaker Road
Monroeville, PA 15146

Draion M. Burch, DO LLC
P.O. Box 99847 Pittsburgh, PA 15233

267-281-DRAI (3724)

Mental Health Services:

Persad Center
5150 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15224

Debra Flint
Pittsburgh Pastoral Care
New Castle, PA 
Debra is a LGBTQ-friendly therapist and counselor. 


N. Michael Fassini, Jr., DDS
355 Fifth Ave. 
Suite 820
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Owen Cantor, DMD
Cantor and Pounds Dental Associates
425 First Ave 
Third Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Hair Removal:

All About Youth
Babcock Blvd
Pittsburgh PA

Anita Linderemeir, RN, BA, CMT
Monroeville, PA
Offers genital hair removal via electrolysis for transgendered individuals prior to SRS

Lisa Bortz, AEA
Papillion Center
72 N. Main St, Suite 2A
Doylestown, PA 18901
Offers pain free electrolysis with anesthesia.

Vanishing Hair
Jessie Seams
Vandergrif Pa
appointment only
click link above for more info.

Parent Resources

Are you looking for a safe place for your Transgendered child?
TransPride Pittsburgh is dedicated to to providing links between families and safe community resources. 

Pittsburgh's Gay and Lesbian Community Center offers a variety of safe programing for LGTBQIA youth. For information about these programs, visit the Youth page. 

Resources outside of Pittsburgh:

Camp Aranu'tiq
Youth, ages 8-15.
Camp Aranu'tiq is a summer camp that provides transgender and gender-variant youth with a safe, fun, and unique experience. Youth are encouraged to express gender however they are comfortable and connect with others in similar situations. 
Contact Camp Aranu'tiq: 617.467.5830. www.camparanutiq.org

Youth Resources

Hello, Youth of Pittsburgh! 

Initiative for Transgender Leadership Announces:

 Peer Mentorship Program Kick-Off & Orientation Weekend

Peer Mentorship Program Kick-off Weekend for Trans* Youth!

Join us if you want to:
   become a skilled, connected and confident mentor to your peers;
   be part of a supportive and awesome group of people committed to making the world a better place for trans* youth;
   develop your professional and leadership capacities.

Come to our kick-off weekend October 4-6th where you will meet other local trans* youth, learn the basics of being a mentor, practice non-violent communication, eat great food and find out about ITL's Peer Mentorship Program to see if you want to join. Meals will be provided, bus fare is available, and the whole weekend is free! 

Location: ITL co-founder Madeleine Hershey will be hosting the Kick Off at her house on Aurelius Ave. in Swissvale. The house is handicap accessible

GLCC of Pittsburgh

Are you looking for some fun ways to get involved in the Community? 
The Gay and Lesbian Community Center has a variety of programs designed just for you.

Persad Real Talk Program Tues., Fri 4pm-7pm

Weds Service Access for Youth Youth Engaged in Service (SAY YES) - Weds 12-3
services for homeless or in crisis youth 25 and under

Free Medical Clinic  Weds 12-3  ( for uninsured or under-insured)
Trans* specific service available

Friday Night Drop-ins - every friday 7pm-10pm Youth 18 and under- hang out

Spectrum Saturdays! youth Drop In for 18 and up! First and Third Saturdays!

For more information about these programs, contact the GLCC.

210 Grant St. 

Pittsburgh PA 15230