Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mental Health

Persad Center
5150 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Debra Flint
New Castle Area
LGBTQIA-friendly therapist.
Contact via: 
6324 Marchland Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: 412-661-1239 (Toll Free: 1-877-661-9623)

Ann Schelbe
Trans-Friendly Therapist
700 South Trenton Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

James Manzella
Trans-Friendly Therapist
2250 Mart St., Suite 307
Pittsburgh PA, 15203

Andi Pilecki
Trans-Friendly Therapist
Nuin Center
5655 Bryant St., Suite 106
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Online Support Groups

While Pittsburgh has a number of in-person resources to help Transgendered individuals, their parents, friends and partners, we at TransPride Pittsburgh understand that sometimes it's hard to take the first step to finding your local community. It may be because your schedule is just too full, or it may be because it's a bit intimidating to meet new people face to face.

While the internet can also sometimes be a scary place, there are a number of fantastic online support groups to help you find a community of support. Online support groups can also give you the freedom to ask the questions you may be uncomfortable to ask some one face to face, no matter what the topic. We hope that the online support groups listed here can offer you all (Trans, parent, ally and partner) a place to be yourself, find the support you need on your personal journey, and offer you a place to ask the questions you need answered.

Please feel free to add any online support groups you have found onto the comment section below. Or, if you are already a member of one of these online communities, we hope you will share what keeps you active, what's helped you with your journey, and perhaps welcome others to join you on your preferred site. 

Online Support groups:

Laura's Playground
Laura's Playground offers a number of online support groups, including a Teen support group, a parent/partners/friend support group as well as a variety of specific communities for FTM and MTF individuals.

Lynn's Place Forum
Lynn's Place Forum offers a variety of topic groups, from Parenting Transgendered Individuals to finding jobs and transitioning in the workplace.  

TransFamily Discussion Lists
The TransFamily Discussion Lists are email based discussion communities. They offer Youth, Family, and Partner lists.